Anti-terrorism level 1 training 1 2. 3. sere 100 ...

Anti-terrorism level 1 training go to /at/ on "create a new training session". 2. fill out information 3. once training is...

Enhanced competency framework (ecf) professional level ...

Last updated: 24 jul 2019 enhanced competency framework (ecf) professional level - anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (aml/cft)

Lbma responsible gold guidance

Lbma responsible silver guidance 2 v.1 september 2017. definition. aml-cft: anti-money laundering - combating the financing of terrorism.. contribution to conflict: contribution to armed aggression between two or more parties which leads to human rights abuses. the parties in the conflict may include government, militia, organised criminals or

Lbma responsible gold guidance

D lbma responsible gold guidance 2 v.7 september 2017 efi nit o s aml-cft: anti-money laundering - combating the financing of terrorism. beneficial owner: beneficial owner refers to the natural person(s) who ultimately owns or controls a customer and/or the natural person on whose behalf a transaction is being conducted.

Introduction to biometrics and biometric systems

Accomplishing tomorrows training requirements today. •software program •collect biometric and other identifying info •save biometrics and info to database •query and search the database (currently 1.2 mil and growing) •current uses •anti-terrorism/force protection screening (at/fp) •detainee operations

Client relationship disclosure - portfolio strategies

Page 4 of 13. may 1, 2019. anti-money laundering / anti-terrorism financing legislation ("aml/atf") in addition to the information the mfdathat requires us to have, aml/atf - laws intended to prevent

Transnational crime and the developing world

Ix transnational crime and the developing world glossary act anti-counterfeiting tool aml anti-money laundering ats amphetamine-type stimulants avg. average bacrim bandas criminals (criminal gangs) bpd barrels per day car central african republic cft combatting the financing of terrorism cis commonwealth of independent states cites convention on international trade in endangered...

U.s. customs service - central transport

Lanes, anti-terrorism training seminars, sharing of information and b:~:ii:~"'(;;iz;;~,; c;:;:";\"i}:::; ~",,""';~' -!;'7;'c c:' cc.""':cc" ~ best practices. etc

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