Xml based attacks - owasp

Xml usage •web apps - xml-rpc; - soap; - rss;... billion laughs attack / xml bomb <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ;?> <!doctype lolz [<!entity lol "lol">

Exploiting json framework : 7 attack shots

Exploiting json framework : 7 attack shots... json rpc.the services are applied on the six basic... second property,responsexml,prov ides the response as an xml...

Web services and soa - owasp

Xml-rpc http, smtp, ftp3 soap... replace the dtd/xml schema attack the parser -dos again- via a... rely on well known xml parser microsoft, oracle, weblogic...

Hacking secondlife™ - black hat

Hacking secondlife™ by michael thumann 2/24/08 8 why secondlife™? many people are playing secondlife™ there's a scripting language in secondlife™, do you know lsl (linden scripting language)? because you can attack real world systems out of the virtual world identity theft looks sooo pretty easy in secondlife™

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