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For updated information, please visit 3 executive summary leading pharma producer • indian pharmaceutical sector accounts for about 2.4 per cent of the global pharmaceutical industry invalue termsand 10 per cent volume one of the highest

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pharmaceuticals for updated information, please visit executive summary source: 1 ficci - trends & opportunities for indian pharma 2018, pharmexcil, 2techsci research, assocham and rncos notes: information as per latest available data indian pharmaceutical industry supplies over 50 per cent of global demand for various vaccines, 40 per cent

Global pharma industry - an overview 01 indian pharma industry - an overview 02 gujarat state profile 04 gujarat pharma industry 06 evolution

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Foreword the indian pharmaceutical industry has contributed significantly to global healthcare by ensuring high quality, affordable and accessible medicines around the world.

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Trends in the indian pharmaceutical sector focus on research & development: r&d expenditure across the globe is around 15per cent of sales turnover. while it is much lower in india at around 8-11%, (was less than 2 per cent in early 2000s), the same is expected to increase due to the

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Contents 03 foreword 04 executive summary 06 growing through alliances and partnerships 14 bringing cost efficiencies 24 newer growth trends 28 conclusions

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95 124 161 211 275 360 468 608 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 us$ million market clinical trials indian pharma industry: us$ 20 billion in 2009; the domestic retail market is

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20170118_connected vehicles 2017_telematics_short.ppt x 4 in automotive sector, telematics equipment offers a wide variety of features to help make the vehicle smarter

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