Peace agreement between the government of the republic of ...

Peace agreement between the government of the republic of rwanda and the rwandese patriotic front the government of the republic of rwanda on the...

'preventive war' and international law after iraq

'preventive war' and international law after iraq page 3 prevent world war ii, but in condemning recourse to war and renouncing war as an instrument of national policy it formed the basis for 'crimes against peace', which were

Consolidated version of the treaty on european ...

Resolved to facilitate the free movement of persons, while ensuring the safety and security of their peoples, by establishing an area of freedom, security and justice, in accordance with the provisions of

nairobi protocol final - poa-is

the nairobi protocol for the prevention, control and reduction of small arms and light weapons in the great lakes region and the horn of africa

Af precedence list - jmar protocol

Department of the air force protocol precedence list 122 deputy director of action 123 deputy director of the peace corps 124 director, federal bureau of investigation

A/conf.192/15 - united nations

10. reaffirming also the right of each state to manufacture, import and retain small arms and light weapons for its self-defence and security needs, as well as for its capacity to participate in...

General assembly - united nations

A/res/55/2 4 on their destruction,3 as well as the amended mines protocol to the convention on conventional weapons.4 10. we urge member states to observe the olympic truce, individually and...

Permanent missions to the united nations

St/pls/ser.a/306 protocol and liaison service permanent missions to the united nations nº 306 june 2016 united nations, new york

Solving 9-11: the deception that changed the world agreements such as the hebron protocol of 1997 and the wye river memorandum of 1998, and it is a basis for the latter road map for peace which calls for the creation of a

a destruction handbook - poa-is

1. introduction on 24 september 1999, the security council convened its first meeting at ministerial level devoted to the issue of small arms.

C. thornhill h.g. van dijk school of public management and ...

Creation of directorates, committees and agencies. the summit also appoints the executive secretary and his/her deputy on the advice of the council of ministers.

Agreement on the - european free trade association

Convinced of the contribution that a european economic area will bring to the construction of a europe based on peace, democracy and human rights;

African union

section a: introduction a1. definitions 1. the african union: for the purposes of security sector reform, african union includes the assembly, the peace and security council, the au commission and all other relevant organs

The role of inter- and nongovernmental organizations

Unesco - eolss sample chapters conventions, treaties and other responses to global issues - vol. ii - the role of inter- and nongovernmental organizations - marni berg encyclopedia of life support systems (eolss) resolutions that were not on the agenda of the security council.

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