nairobi protocol final - poa-is

the nairobi protocol for the prevention, control and reduction of small arms and light weapons in the great lakes region and the horn of africa

Af precedence list - jmar protocol

Department of the air force protocol precedence list 122 deputy director of action 123 deputy director of the peace corps 124 director, federal bureau of investigation

A/conf.192/15 - united nations

10. reaffirming also the right of each state to manufacture, import and retain small arms and light weapons for its self-defence and security needs, as well as for its capacity to participate in...

General assembly - united nations

A/res/55/2 4 on their destruction,3 as well as the amended mines protocol to the convention on conventional weapons.4 10. we urge member states to observe the olympic truce, individually and...

a destruction handbook - poa-is

1. introduction on 24 september 1999, the security council convened its first meeting at ministerial level devoted to the issue of small arms.

Agreement on the - european free trade association

Convinced of the contribution that a european economic area will bring to the construction of a europe based on peace, democracy and human rights;

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