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Accomplish iaw ref. 2.s, nstm 634, section 634-3.35, (quality assurance checklist). the record shall show the extent of the inspection and detailed results.

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Drydocking 1. scope 1.1 scope. this work item describes the requirements for the... to review nstm chapter 997, to become familiar with docking and

Navsea standard item date: 09 mar 2009

Navsea standard item fy-10 (ch-1) item no: 009-32... 2.10 s9086-vg-stm-010/ch-634... accordance with nstm chapter 581 unless otherwise directed by the...

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Naval ships' technical manual chapter 589... s9086-t4-stm-010/ch-589r6 i. table of contents... where no con´Čéict exists with nstm chapter 700, the

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