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Ps 775. 57 jun 17. for example: code a in the army's sixth position means the item is non-repairable but requires special handling. code z is a non-repairable item where no repair is authorized.. code g applies to ammunition, explosives or dangerous articles that must. be demilitarized before they go to dla disposition services. for example: pa is a procured and stocked item.

Joint regulation governing the use and application ...

This regulation establishes uniform source maintenance and recoverability... source maintenance and recoverability codes are used to... the smr code...

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The smr code assigned... g-1 joint service coding reference chart... maintenance, and recoverability (smr) codes. (available at

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D. the smr code assigned to each item of supply is a record of a technical decision reflecting adequate considera­ tion of the cost, design, manufacture, application, maintenance, and supply...

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