Name: date: look at the pictures. write in each ...

Teachers ks2 science name: date: look at the pictures. write in each box whether the part is a solid, a liquid or a gas. gases, liquids and solids

Little house unit 8 - sharper teaching educational ...

Title page draw a portrait (head and shoulders) of laura mary, carrie, ma and pa in each of the portrait frames. look in your book to see what they really looked like.

A) write 5 nouns and 5 adjectives from this story in ...

Page 4 of 7 e) look at the pictures. these were things that children did during term 1. what were they doing? read and fill in the missing words using verbs from below.

Repeated addition (dice) - snappymath

Repeated addition (dice) name: date: • look at each set of pictures.

Activity booklet

The denplan meet brush man... he is going to look after you and teach you how to brush your teeth. he is helped by commander clean who will tell

barriers to communication - inetteache

C don't pretend you understand what a person with a speech disability says just to be polite. listen patiently. c don't complete a person's sentence unless they look...

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