European commission - the european ippc bureau

European commission integrated pollution prevention and control reference document on best available techniques in the food, drink and milk industries

Of the european union

Ii non-legislative acts decisions 2013/163/eu: ★ commission implementing decision of 26 march 2013 establishing the best available tech­ niques (bat) conclusions under directive 2010/75/eu of the european parliament and of the council on industrial emissions...

Surface treatment of metals and plastics - europa

European commission integrated pollution prevention and control reference document on best available techniques for the surface treatment of metals

Rail transport and environment: facts & figures - ...

Climate change 4 during 2014, the european commission worked on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies communication to replace the eu's existing

Aircraft noise - a regulatory overview -

Aircraft noise -a regulatory overview by arpad szakal ll.m. (leiden) according to the european commission, the european commercial aviation industry is one of the most dynamic

Effects of indoor air pollution on human health - inive eeig

European concerted action indoor air quality & its impact on man (formerly cost project 61 3) environment and quality of life report no. 10 effects of indoor air pollution

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