Riddles for kids with answers - homeschooling-ideas

Riddles for kids with answers 1. why is a fishmonger never generous?-because his business makes him sell fish (selfish). 2. what is that from which you may take...

Riddles for kids with answers - homeschooling-ideas

Riddles for kids with answers 1. why are weary people like carriage-wheels?-answer: because they are tired. 2. spell "blind pig" in two letters?

Halloween trivia questions - swiss army librarian

Halloween trivia questions (answers are in bold ) 1) why are halloween colors orange and black? orange and black are halloween colors because orange is...

joke book - autoenglis

Read the latest jokes here:-http://www.autoengl ish.org/forumsmf/index.ph p?board=6.0 3 what do you call a sheep without legs? a cloud. a dog walks into a jobcentre and...

A few clever riddles with the answers

All items on this page are courtesy of http://www.corsinet.com and are reproduced here with permission. this publication is provided by the activity director's...

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