Conflict resolution culturally diverse where army ...

Chapter 1: foundations of army jrotc and getting involved lesson 2: the past and purpose of army jrotc unit 1: introduction to jrotc...

Odds and ends january 2014 - fourth bde jrotc

Odds and ends january 2014 general. budget. as most of you know, jrotc did not receive an oma budget for this fy. at present, i see no signs that we will...

Let 1 core student materials

Let 1 studentlearningplan unit 1: citizenship in action the past and purpose of army jrotc [u1c1l2] what you will accomplish in this lesson: analyze the purpose of the army jrotc program

Odds & ends september 2013 - fourth bde jrotc

Odds & ends september 2013 general: for you old timers, welcome back for another school year and for those of you that are new, welcome to 4th brigade.

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