Confidential communicable disease report-part 1

For diseases and conditions required to be reported within 24 hours, the initial report shall be made by telephone to the local health department, and the written disease report be made within 7 days.

Report immediately by phone! -

Communicable and other infectious diseases reportable in massachusetts by healthcare providers * *the list of reportable diseases...

Confidential communicable disease report-part 1

Attention health care providers: please report relevant clinical findings about this disease event to the local health department. north carolina department of...

Case definitions for communicable morbidities -

Adhs communicable disease case definitions 2019 5 go to table of contents varicella (chickenpox) and varicella deaths … 279

Health & safety - hiv/aids policy & mandatory procedures

Act department of education & training hiv/aids policy 1 22/01/98 health and safety - hiv/aids - policy and mandatory procedures this policy replaces the hiv/aids section of the communicable diseases

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