Homophones worksheet 2 alien visitor!

Name: homophones worksheet 2 alien visitor! part one: choose the correct word. 1. my brother and i went stargazing last knight / night. 2. we went out alone to a field by the creak / creek. 3.

Homophones worksheet 3 scuba kids!

Name: homophones worksheet 3 scuba kids! part one: choose the correct word. 1. since the weather / whether was clear, my cousin and i went to the ocean. 2. we decided to board / bored a ship that was headed to deep waters. 3. we brought all our diving gear onto the...

Homophones worksheet 1 return of the ninjas!

Name: homophones worksheet 1 return of the ninjas! part one: choose the correct word. 1. "i can't believe this class is one hour / our long," said john...

Correct the homophones - reading worksheets, ...

Copyright 2013 k12reader.com. all rights reserved. free for educational use at home or in classrooms. www.k12reader.com name: recall that...

You are the course book - free printable ...

You are the course book the story of baa baa once there was a gang of business persons who got together with the aim of making some serious money.

By matt purland - english banana

Englishbanana.com's big activity book by matt purland 95 worksheets for english lessons y 100% photocopiable! y includes full answers and notes for use y special sections - 'games for the classroom' & 'rhyming words' intermediate / level 1

Big grammar book - english banana

For more fun worksheets, games and quizzes log onto www.englishbanana.com now! big grammar book english banana 2003 1. english banana.com

Choose the homograph | homograph worksheets

6. choose the homograph name: homographs are words that have the exact same spelling, but different meanings. sometimes they are...

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