Withholding tax public ruling - lesotho revenue authority

lra income tax public ruling issue 1 subject : witholding taxes act : income tax act n0.9 of 1993 as amended

Form med 1 health expenses - claim for relief

Page 3 individuals for whom tax relief may be claimed you may claim a refund of tax in respect of medical expenses paid or incurred by you, on your own behalf or on...

Form 1 - massachusetts resident income tax return

File pg. 1 for privacy act notice, see instructions. you must complete and enclose schedule hc form 1 massachusetts resident income tax return...

2015 minnesota individual income tax return (m1) ...

2015 minnesota individual income tax forms and instructions includes form m1 and schedules m1w, m1ma, m1m, m1ed, and m1wfc tired of filling out paper forms?

Form 1 instructions - mass.gov

Massachusetts resident income tax form 1 2015 department of revenue | commonwealth of massachusetts contents health care information hc-1 minimum...

Marand 2016 - maryland tax forms and instructions

nonresident income tax return instructions maryland form 505 2016 1 what form to file? if you are a: you should file: taxpayer whose...

2015 m1, individual income tax return

20. sign here refund or amount due. account type routing number account number. tax. total payments and credits. nonrefundable. credits. 00. 00. 00. 00. 00. 00

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