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Family separation allowance (fsa) - extra compensation paid during extended periods of family separation. the allowance amount is determined by

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• the temporary quarters subsistence allowance grant to an employee upon first arrival at a new post, including an employee or family member occupying

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10/8/2015 2 military pay • base pay - rank/time in service • basic allowance for housing - rank/location/family status - paternity documentation required

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In 1963, congress established the family separation allowance to help offset... the eligibility requirements for the family separation allowance have changed.

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Family separation allowance... meeting minimum eligibility requirements with approximately 15% of airman first class... air force compensation fact sheet

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Air force compensation fact sheet 1 may 2014... and family separation allowance (fsa... eligibility requirements with approximately 15% of airman first...

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Dod financial management regulation volume 7a, chapter 27 + january 2005 270103. family separation allowance - i. the purpose of type i fsa is to pay a

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