[u] 12.4.2 handling unicode strings - data

2[u] 12 data 12.1 data and datasets data form a rectangular table of numeric and string values in which each row is an observation on all the variables and each...

Compelling example of unicode usage for business ...

Compelling example of unicode usage for business applications this page demonstrates the use of the unicode character standard to store names and

Understanding unicode and odbc data access

Understanding unicode and odbc data access. datadirect connect series. for odbc. drivers. introduction. this document provides a brief background on unicode...

Oracle data sheet oracle essbase

Oracle data sheet users can extend data by using metrics or drivers to estimate what results will be in future. these driver metrics can be based upon history, trends...

Delphi and unicode - embarcadero website

Delphi and unicode embarcadero technologies - 3 - marked with the letter a and a wide-string version marked with the letter w. as an example, the

Cisco unified ip phone 8945 data sheet

Data sheet 2011-2014 cisco and/or its affiliates. all rights reserved. this document is cisco public information. page 2 of 5 the cisco unified ip phone 8945...

9.2 unicode server - sas

sas 9.2 unicode server abstract in a global economy, data often comes from various countries using different languages and scripts. this data can be stored in a...

Programming unicode - usenix

Programming unicode. 27. an "igature (u+fb01)... to read a file and instead of getting data, they get an exception. for example...

Useful tips for handling and creating special ...

Useful tips for handling and creating special characters in sas, continued 4 ods escapechar='~'; title "~s={font_weight=bol d}rtf syntax ~s={}"; data example;

Ibm spss statistics 23 part 1: descriptive statistics

This handout introduces the basic skills necessary to run ibm spss statistics 23, including how to create a data file and run descriptive statistics.

Cisco unified ip phone 7945g

Data sheet 2007-2011 cisco and/or its affiliates. all rights reserved. this document is cisco public information. page 1 of 5 cisco unified ip phone 7945g

Enterprise cobol for z/os - ibm - united states

Resolution of names …64 names within programs …64 names within a class definition …65 chapter 8. referencing data names, copy libraries, and procedure...

Unicode support in enterprise cobol - ibm

Unicode support in enterprise cobol... unicode data type! new compiler options... example: invoke java, passing string object

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