Short introduction to epidata manager

Short introduction to epidata manager v2.01 j. lauritsen & t. christiansen the epidata project and data manager ­ in short epidata manager ­ is used to define new data structures, modify existing data structures (without loss of data) and

Teradata database sql data definition language

Sql data definition language syntax and examples 3 preface purpose sql data definition language syntax and examples describes the syntax of teradata database sql language statements used to perform the following actions:

Sql data types and literals -

Preface changes to this book 4 sql data types and literals changes to this book release description teradata database 13.0 march 2010 added an example of a period literal that uses the until_changed value.

[u] 12.4.2 handling unicode strings - data

2[u] 12 data 12.1 data and datasets data form a rectangular table of numeric and string values in which each row is an observation on all the variables and each...

Etl overview extract, transform, load (etl) • general etl ...

Aalborg university 2007 - dwml course 5 etl in the architecture data staging area metadata etl side query side query services - extract - transform - load data mining data service

Oracle data sheet oracle essbase

Oracle data sheet users can extend data by using metrics or drivers to estimate what results will be in future. these driver metrics can be based upon history, trends...

The gedcom standard - sourceforge

9. chapter 1 data representation grammar. introduction. this chapter describes the core gedcom data representation language. the generic data representation language defined in this chapter may be used to represent any form of

Understanding unicode and odbc data access

Understanding unicode and odbc data access. datadirect connect series. for odbc. drivers. introduction. this document provides a brief background on unicode...

Title stat

String functions3 ustrregexs(n) subexpression nfrom a previous ustrregexm()match ustrreverse(s) reverses the unicode string s ustrright(s,n) the last nunicode characters of the unicode string s

Unicode characters in a table of contents - lex jansen

Phuse 2016 1 paper cc02 unicode characters in a table of contents john hendrickx, danone nutricia research, utrecht, the netherlands abstract in sas, the ods inline formatting statement ^{unicode <value>} can be used to insert special characters such as...

Compelling example of unicode usage for business ...

Compelling example of unicode usage for business applications this page demonstrates the use of the unicode character standard to store names and

The unicode standard, version 12

& &rqwurovdqg%dvlf/dwlq range: 0000 007f this file contains an excerpt from the character code tables and list of character names for the unicode standard, version 12.0

User's guide - fujitsu global

Cardminder user's guide ii screen examples in this manual the screen examples in this manual are subject to change without notice in the interest of

9.2 unicode server - sas

sas 9.2 unicode server abstract in a global economy, data often comes from various countries using different languages and scripts. this data can be stored in a...

Delphi and unicode - embarcadero website

Delphi and unicode embarcadero technologies - 3 - marked with the letter a and a wide-string version marked with the letter w. as an example, the

The unicode standard, version 12

*hqhudo3xqfwxdwlrq range: 2000 206f this file contains an excerpt from the character code tables and list of character names for the unicode standard, version 12.0

The unicode standard, version 12

$udelf range: 0600 06ff this file contains an excerpt from the character code tables and list of character names for the unicode standard, version 12.0

Electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange what is edi? for several hundred years, commerce has been based upon the movement of written documents. these documents contained the

Object-oriented data structures using java, fourth edition ...

Object-oriented data structures using java, fourth edition transition guide. by nell dale • daniel t. joyce • chip weems isbn-13: 9781284089097

Common data format 3 overview - mastercard

Commondataformatoverview understandingthexmlschema specifications type=attribute eachtaginthexmlschemadocu ment(cdffiletransmission. xsd)containsa type=attribute.

Cisco unified ip phone 8945 data sheet

Data sheet 2011-2014 cisco and/or its affiliates. all rights reserved. this document is cisco public information. page 2 of 5 the cisco unified ip phone 8945...

Maxdb database administration (version 7.6/7.7)

maxdb database administration (version 7.6/7.7) suitable for sap and non-sap environments

The java i/o system - aalborg universitet

Oop: the java i/o system 1 the java i/o system • binary i/o streams (ascii, 8 bits) inputstream outputstream • the decorator design pattern • character i/o streams (unicode, 16 bits) reader writer • comparing binary i/o to character i/o • files and directories the class file • object serialization light-weight persistence • will only look at the package not java.nio.

Define.xml: good practices and stylesheets

Xml basics • xml is case sensitive - so needs to be the content of your define.xml • uses unicode - but define.xml samples still use iso-8859-1

The microsoft excel file format - official site

4.12 conditional formatting table (biff8) 112 4.13 hyperlink table (biff8) 112 4.14 data validity table (biff8) 112 4.15 autofilter, advanced filter 113

Programming unicode - usenix

Programming unicode. 27. an "igature (u+fb01)... to read a file and instead of getting data, they get an exception. for example...

Autodesk autocad 2014

Acdbplaceholder (dxf)… 181 datatable (dxf)… 182

Understanding json schema

Understandingjsonschema,r elease7.0 json schema is a powerful tool for validating the structure of json data. however, learning to use it by reading its

Technical paper changing language during a sas session

Changing language in a sas session 2 scenario 1: connect with sas data integration studio to the sas unicode server a simple test can be run by submitting some code to the server to run a natural language (nl) format.

Usb5734 data sheet - ww1

Usb5734 ds00001854g-page 4 2015-2018 microchip technology inc. 1.0 preface 1.1 general terms table 1-1: general terms term description adc analog-to-digital converter byte 8 bits cdc communication device class csr control and status registers dword 32 bits eop end of packet ep endpoint fifo first in first out buffer fs full-speed fsm finite state machine gpio general...

Enterprise cobol for z/os - ibm - united states

Resolution of names …64 names within programs …64 names within a class definition …65 chapter 8. referencing data names, copy libraries, and procedure...

Cisco unified ip phone 7945g

Data sheet 2007-2011 cisco and/or its affiliates. all rights reserved. this document is cisco public information. page 1 of 5 cisco unified ip phone 7945g

Autocad 2011 dxf reference

Symbol table example… 221 blocks group codes in dxf files… 224

The microsoft compound document file format - official site

storages and streams 2 storages and streams compound document files work similar to real file systems. they contain a number of independent data streams (like files in a file system) which are organised in a hierarchy of storages (like sub directories in...

Python 2.4 quick reference card types - cheat sheets

Input([prompt]) → evaluation of user input (typed data)raw_input([prompt]) → str: user input as a raw stringdirect manipulation (redefinition) of stdin/stdout...

Ibm spss statistics 23 part 1: descriptive statistics

This handout introduces the basic skills necessary to run ibm spss statistics 23, including how to create a data file and run descriptive statistics.

Java quick reference - cheat sheets

Java.beans.beancont ext tran provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context. provides for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system. java.lang provides the classes and interfaces for accessing provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the java programming language.

Useful tips for handling and creating special ...

Useful tips for handling and creating special characters in sas, continued 4 ods escapechar='~'; title "~s={font_weight=bol d}rtf syntax ~s={}"; data example;

What's with these ascii, ebcdic, unicode ccsids?

Ibm system i i want an i. 2007 ibm corporation abstract in today's business world there is a growing need to exchange data with other users that might be working...

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