Devguard 4160 - glidden professional

Devguard 4160 alkyd advantages: - may be used on both ferrous and galvanized metal - excellent corrosion resistance - fast drying - may be topcoated with heavy...

Devguard 4308 - glidden professional

Devguard 4308 alkyd surfaces must be dry, clean, free of oil, grease, form release agents, curing compounds, laitance, other foreign matter and be structurally sound.

Devflex 4216hp - recon coatings

Back page: 4216-xxxx with water and allow to dry. remove loose aggregate. prime interior concrete or plaster with this product or with devflex 4020 primer.

Ultra-hide high build interior eggshell primer finish

• cure at least 30 days before painting • ph must be 10.0 or lower • roughen slick poured or precast concrete and remove e method such as

High hide interior primer sealer 1000-1200 - glidden

• cure at least 30 days before painting • ph must be 10.0 or lower • roughen slick poured or precast concrete and remove sealers by chemical cleaning or abrasive method such as

Vapor barrier interior primer sealer 1060-1200

Apply at 350-400 sq ft/gal (9-10 m²/l). actual coverage may vary depending on substrate and application method.

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