Proportional directional valves type dhzo-tes

Series number proportional directional valves type dhzo-tes and dkzor-tes direct operated, with position transducer, iso 4401 size 06 and 10 table f165-3/e dhzo dhzo =size 06 dkzor = size 10 valve size

Proportional directional valves type dpzo-les - ato proportional directional valves type dpzo-les high performance, two stage, with two position transducers, iso 4401 sizes 10, 16, 25, 27 and 32 table f175-17/e f175

Two stage servoproportional directional valves - ato

main characteristics 8 seals and hydraulic fluid note: for other fluids not included in above table, consult our technical office notes: above performance data refer to valves coupled with atos electronic drivers, see section 9. (1) at p = 100/350 bar for different δp, the max flow is in accordance to the diagrams in section 10.2 (3) (2) with step reference input signal 0 ÷100 % (4) see...

Two stage proportional directional valves - ato

Two stage proportional directional valves digital, pilot operated, open loop, with positive spool overlap table fs170-1/e series number dpzo two stage proportional directional valve valve size - iso 4401: 1 = 10 2 = 16 4 = 25 6 = 32 nominal flow (l/min) at δp 10bar p-t

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